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Balog Peti & Starr Session Varga & Ana Cuchi Gracia: Hungarians through the eyes of expats living in Budapest

Episode Summary

This is the first episode in ENGLISH in the history of SztereoTrip - the travel podcast. Usually, we travel to faraway places however in this episode we are going to stay home and learn about ourselves with the help of two expats living in Budapest for years.

Episode Notes

Peter Balog, the interviewer is a well-known figure of the Hungarian freelancer scene. He is also the organizer of TedX Békéscsaba and a local patriot. You can reach his professional website here and the interview where he talks about the digital nomad lifestyle here (in Hungarian).

Why Peter chose this topic? 'Showing around international friends in Budapest is one of my favourite things to do as I get to experience the city I love from a fresh perspective. It allows me to gain a better understanding and a deeper appreciation for our wonders. This is why I was interested to hear Ana's and Starr's thoughts on life in Hungary as an expat. I hope that by opening up to these stories, maybe we Hungarians will learn a bit about ourselves, and who knows, even appreciate more what we have!'

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